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"We weren't allowed to do this in [their previous youth organization]!"

"We weren't allowed to do this in [redacted]!" - and I heard parents saying this as well as prospective Scouts! Our largest ever intake of girls looks like it will double female numbers in the troop in one go. Well done ladies. (Oh... the game was Capture The Flag with paint to tag the raiders!). Scouts is open to boys and girls from 10-14, and we are running on Monday nights right through the Summer.

WIN!! Heaviest Catch overall... 19.4 lbs

Jasmine today won "heaviest overall catch" for 1st Histon Scouts in the Cambs County Scout annual fishing competition. Single-handedly representing the troop in the first year we have entered, she beat out teams from troops across the county, catching the prize fish amongst a haul of carp, roach and tench in the two-hour competition.

Scout Entrepreneurs

What is Scout Community Week? Are you confused? Is it Bob-a-Job? Is it a way to take more part in the life of Histon and Impington? Is it planting trees and picking up litter? We're trying to hit all the bases, but it's all new and this is our first year at it.

At 1st Histon Scouts, we try to take part in Enviro stuff several times in the year, so the Scout troop decided instead to use this as a chance to go for the "Entrepreneur Challenge Badge". Think Dragon's Den with a bit of The Apprentice. We're half way through the process, and the Scouts have made around £100 so far, on a mix of car washing and a book sale, which much more and the bigger profits still to come. More importantly, they've done this entirely on their own initiative.

Falcons Book Sale #1—No Leader was involved at any stage in the production of this event

There are still events to come, include the bake sale and auction. Please click through to the Friends Of Histon Scouts facebook page and LIKE it to find out about and support the rest of our community week events—and please share and recommend the page to everyone you know in Histon and Impington. We're your local Scout group for your kids.

Scouts: Dear Community....

Scout Community Week was launched today! It's going to be 14-20th May in 2012, and we can't have a community week without a community. So, we at 1st Histon Scouts would welcome any ideas for projects that we can undertake around that time that would be useful and relevant to Histon and Impington. So if you are involved in any aspect of our local community that could benefit from enthusiastic hard work from local young people, please get in touch. We really want to help!

Scout community week is inspired by the long dead but not forgotten Bob-a-Job concept - and we do look to use it to raise funds for ourselves to benefit our youth programmes. But the difference is that we want to take on big projects that have a real community impact. You can find out more about how it works at If you have ideas for how we can make a difference in Histon and Impington, then mail me, Greg Harewood.

1st Histon SL


Following the kind grant from Histon Feast last year for archery equipment, we want everyone to know that we really are getting into our archery here at 1st Histon Scouts. We're now set up for all sections from 8-year old Cubs upwards to learn archery regularly as a sport. As always though, we're constantly looking for more adult volunteers to help more boys and girls to take part more often. If you fancy learning and teaching archery or any of our other many activities, give us a call. We'd love to have you along!

Scouting - Everyday Adventure!

Bear + Ian Hislop

Scout Summercamp—Biblins 2011

"Thank you so much for taking Cameron on scout camp last week. He obviously had a fantastic time and although we are very pleased to have him home we get the impression if he could live there with you all he would! Many thanks for giving up your time so willingly and generously."

1st Histon Scouts are back from their first big traditional style camp in two years, having travelled the canals last year instead. Happily, the old skills were none the worse for wear leaving plenty of time for caving, climbing, abseiling, pony trekking in the Black Mountains, canoeing (kayak) down rapids on the Wye, swimming, hiking, a home-made assault course and the odd game of Assassin. The camp was jointly organized with Bar Hill Scouts and it was a great match with everyone making new friends. We're sorry you missed it, but we'd love to have you along next time!

Nominate a Torchbearer!

Let's be proud of our community. Why not take a few minutes to think who from Histon or Impington is worthy to carry the Olympic Torch in Cambridge? Who's made a difference? Who has inspired you?

Explorer Scouts at Mepal

A team of four Explorer Scouts from Histon and Oakington competed at Mepal with their peers from around the county, Saturday. The first day of a two-day Scout outdoor activities competition, they chose kayak, archery, shooting, assault course, high ropes, volleyball, climbing and Scout car racing. Every member of the team was new to Explorer Scouting this year, most of them new to Scouting, and they made their Scout promise during the adrenaline-charged Scout car race. Welcome to the family, boys!

Explorer Scouting is for girls and boys from 14-18 years old.

Royal Wedding

1st Histon Scouts would like to wish the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge every happiness and hope they visit their new city very soon!

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